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Columbus, Ohio

Jerome Scott & Partners Architects designed the renovations of the interior of the Wexner Center to integrate into the Eisenman notational system. The innovative design response utilized the Eisenman grid system to create an ordering system giving the bookstore a framework and organizational system for retail flexibility.

The renovation of the Wexner Center was a challenge at every level. All design improvements were required to be compatible with the historic nature of the iconographic building. In addition, the confined site of the building, wedged between Mershon Auditorium and Wiegel Music College, presented challenges to keep them up and running as all the buildings share the Wexner’s main mechanical systems. All three buildings were required to be open during construction. In addition to the interior renovation, the project also included replacement of the curtain wall and skylight systems. The project also required extensive coordination with the M/E/P systems upgrade to maintain the classic design. The M/E/P systems were designed to meet ASHRAE 90.1 Standard AAA For museum environment. 

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